Make it your own: discover the fun and unique ways to use our Clipbook Creative Kit. Featuring popular craft elements from silver plated charms and beads, to washi tape and ribbons. Each kit comes with an A5 Clipbook, available in a selection of vibrant colours - it's time to get creative! Watch our video and be inspired...

Clipbook with Charms

How Charming

Personalise your Clipbook by opening the rings to add the beads or silver plated charms. With such an assorted selection there are countless combinations for you to try. Add names, phrases or initials and mix it up as much as you want.

Clipbook with ribbons and washi tapes

Washi Wonders

Create unique cover designs by layering the washi tape in different patterns and combinations or co-ordinate your other stationery by adding washi to your favourite pen or pencil. You can cut out cardboard shapes to wrap the tape around - creating a name tag for every clipbook. This could be a great way to practice your calligraphy too, as it’s so easy to draw directly on the cover.

Clipbook with ribbons

Take a Bow

The Clipbook is crafted in a unique PU material, making it ideal to cut or punch holes from. By carefully using a craft knife, you can customise the shape of your cover or create a window design, layering washi behind it. Why not punch a hole in the cover to create a simple ribbon closure or braid the rings with a combination of the colours provided?

Customised Clipbook

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August 27, 2020
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