Dive into our guide of helpful tips on how to use our new lifestyle refills. From ticking off your to-dos, reaching your financial goals or even creating the perfect agenda for you and your family - we have you covered. All you need to do now is choose the right refill and sit back and listen to our playlists designed for helping you plan your day with ease.

Lifestyle Refills

For the budget focused

Plan your most profitable year yet with our expense trackers. These refills will allow you to track savings, spending and pay off debts by simplifying and organising your expenses. Try out these simple steps to be on your way.

Go on a 'take out' fast

Every time you fancy a take out or override those pizza cravings, put the money you saved into a jar and make note in the 'review' section. Our meal planning refills can also help you stick to grocery budgets.

Stay on top of your bills

Use the 'payments due' section by colour coding your bills to keep track of when they're due and when they have been paid - so you can easily plan and stay ahead!

Expenses Refills


For the hectic schedules

No matter how complicated your days can get, our activity planners are designed to allow you to see all aspects of your life at a glance.

Perfect for the family schedule

Run your household like a well-oiled machine by adding in all those after school activities and always make time for date nights. Create your own colour coded system for each family member.

Ideal for the busy socialite

Do you find it hard to keep up with your weekly plans? Now you can countdown to girly brunches at the weekend and never forget your to-dos with these handy refills.

Activity Planner Refills


For the organised

Take a look at our tips on how to use our to-do refills for keeping you on top of daily errands and avoid those tasks from piling up.

- Prioritise your to-dos

- Give yourself deadlines

- Create multiple lists

- Break up your tasks into smaller steps

- Turn your phone off and focus on ticking off your chores

- After you have completed your to-dos, it's time to treat yourself!

To Do Refills

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